Morning Moth?

Yup, Joe's side project that has continued to fuel the Kenny Brothers new catalogue of music! Read more!

Joe's new song, ready to download folks!

Morning Moth. Joe's project that started as an RPM alter ego, but has turned into a fueling project for more KBB songs. 3 of the 8 songs he released in February 2017 were re-recorded on "Tales from Sand" including "Lightning Song," "Josaleen," "Woman in the Window." This year, he has chosen to release 3-5 songs, (hasn't decided yet) under Morning Moth, that will soon be recorded on our upcoming release. The first tune, which has already been featured on The Granite Rodeo show on 106.1 Portsmouth Community Radio is named, "The One that Got Away." The song is about a lost love that gets away and will always be remembered as the one that slipped through the cracks.

He has released more tracks since "The One that Got Away" on March 22nd. He has released "Black Eyed Susan" and "Tell Somebody" both that can be found by clicking on the links below. Be sure to check in about more updates! Ta Ta!


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