Back in the Studio...

We're back in the saddle again, and this time in a whole new spot! Check it out below!

What are we laughing at? Nobody knows...

We are again returning to the studio to record yet another EP. For those of you who don't know EP means Extended Play which usually ranges anywhere 3 to 6 songs. It will be a continuation of "Tales From Sand" in which this one will be dubbed, "Tales from Snow." Kind of a Part II type of deal but instead of songs inspired by the desert, these songs were inspired by the winter storms of New England. We are super excited for the release and will be sure to let you know how's it going.

Another thing we are super excited about, is WHERE we are recording this EP. Unlike "Tales from Sand" that was recorded in the "The Orange Room," we will be recording this at Mad Cherry Studios. This magical barn set back in the deep woods of the Seacoast, is a home away from home. A quiet, yet creative space that has great rooms sounds and a relaxing environment. We will be sure to capture some of the magic on our upcoming release, "Tales From Snow." Stay tuned!

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